a woman inspects internet of things (iot) connected devices in her home using an augmented reality app on her phone.

The rise of smart solutions for various types of buildings has truly transformed the way people interact with both the places they live and the places they work. As the technology continues to advance, the need to integrate even more into every space presses forward too. Smart home technology and smart commercial building technology offer some level of interconnection, but it is crucial to recognize that though they share many of the same ideas and systems, they both serve distinct purposes and present unique opportunities for home and business owners alike.

A Closer Look at Smart Commercial Building Technology

While you’re likely fairly familiar with smart home technology that integrates options like comprehensive security systems with the ability to open your garage, unlock your front door, change the temperature in your home, or play music throughout your home from anywhere, you may be slightly less familiar with smart commercial building technologies.

The key difference between the two is that home automation solutions are designed to make your life a more comfortable, convenient place. Smart security systems help to protect you and your home while the other features can help you control almost every aspect of your home from the temperature to the ambiance.

Smart solutions for commercial spaces, though, work on a very different scale. The goal here is to build productivity in your space and help enhance everything your business does through a single control system. From centralized HVAC control management to smart parking solutions for your team members, you have access to a wide range of applications and analytics to help track what’s happening and how it impacts what you do on a day-to-day basis. The benefits for your company are enormous. Smart facilities offer a higher level of sustainability thanks to the ease of maintaining these structures. They’re also resource-efficient, which can help your business cut costs where needed to maintain your competitive edge. More than that, they can often help your company achieve carbon neutrality, a key goal for many today. They also tend to be safer for your entire team, making your company more competitive in the long term.

No Matter What the Smart Technology, We’re Here To Help

Smart technologies for both residential and commercial applications are likely to continue growing over the next few years, and while these are two distinct ecosystems at the moment, the chances are good that the common threads between then will only further merge. Let us help you decide what solutions make sense for your home and business. Contact us today to learn more.