maintenance packet

For many people, smart home automation means convenience, comfort, and peace of mind in one package. From the ability to control almost everything with a tap on your phone to the enhanced security systems that allow you to protect your family from a variety of risks including fire and carbon monoxide, smart home technologies really do make this a golden age of tech. Once you’ve worked with Pro Security and Automation to install your family’s perfect system, though, you may wonder what you need to do to keep that peace of mind evergreen. Let’s discuss how adding our SMART Maintenance Agreement can enhance your services.  

A Closer Look at the SMART Maintenance Agreement Package 

You added a smart solution to your home for a variety of reasons, but every smart system relies on diverse components to continue performing well. There are sensors, transmitters, and control units inside the system that give instructions and move the information to the right places. Our SMART Maintenance Agreement package helps to protect that. What’s inside? Take a look. 

  • Basic Warranty Coverage: We stand behind the work we’ve done with a basic warranty. All of the parts of your system are fully covered for a year from the moment we install it. The warranty offers coverage not just for problematic parts, though, but also for the labor to repair them. Given that service calls can be quite pricey, this warranty offers you the peace of mind you need to ensure your home is protected and everything is working as it should.  
  • Replacement Equipment: There’s an unfortunate reality when it comes to the equipment that helps protect and advance your home: not all manufacturers are willing to provide replacement parts in advance. We don’t want you without the system that helps make your home great, though, so we’ll provide temporary replacement equipment until your units can be repaired or replaced.  
  • Technology Upgrades: Technology changes quickly. The shift from 2G to 3G happened almost in the blink of an eye, and the timeline of those shifts has only increased. 5G technology is just on the horizon, so we’ll be happy to provide you with the equipment and service necessary to ensure your home always meets the newest standards. We also provide ongoing firmware updates to keep your system functioning at a higher level.  
  • Active Monitoring: With advanced remote monitoring technology, we can continually watch for any system issues and repair them. In most cases, you’ll never even need to contact a team member, as we may uncover the issue before you do. We also offer annual maintenance visits in person to inspect the equipment physically to ensure potential problems are prevented before they can happen.  
  • Break-In Assistance: If you ever experience an attempted burglary, we’ll work with law enforcement to offer them the data gathered by your system so they can build a solid case against the criminal.  
  • Technical Support and Training: We want to help you get the most out of your system, so we’ll provide any additional training you need to help you get the most out of your system.  

Our SMART Maintenance Agreement package ensures your system is always working well for one single, fixed monthly price. No one likes unexpected expenses or problems, and this package is the perfect way to remain proactive.  

Powerful Benefits from a Security Maintenance Package 

We know how important your smart home is to you. It offers you instant access to everything you love about your home. From making sure it’s cool on the hottest days to turning on the music while you’re enjoying your outdoor living space, your house really becomes your haven with our smart security and automation systems. You feel safe, protected, and truly at home. Our SMART Maintenance Agreement… 

  • Prevents Problems Before They Happen: Our maintenance package helps to identify any problems before they begin to affect your home, so you won’t experience down-time or issues. 
  • Provides Remote Assistance: There’s nothing like having to wait for someone to come work on the system to get things back up and running. Much of our maintenance can be completed remotely, saving you the hassle of waiting for a technician.  
  • Offers a Stress Free Experience: You want to know that your automation systems are going to continually work exactly the way you want them to, and with our maintenance package, you can expect just that! 

Ready to learn more about our security maintenance package? Give us a call today!