Smart home technology is about more than just helpful automation and conveniences of comfort. Its most important job is keeping you, your family, friends, employees and others safe.

Even when you aren’t there, smart monitoring and life safety systems are keeping watch to detect smoke, fire, carbon monoxide, floodwaters and more. You’ll be alerted via a notification to your smart phone as soon as any threat is detected.

Smart door locks, window sensors and glass-break detectors ensure no unwanted visitors are sneaking into your home. As part of a state-of-the-art smart surveillance system, video doorbells are great for tracking who’s coming, going or simply leaving deliveries. And you’ll never need to worry again about leaving a key under a mat — smart locks with access control allow you to quickly and easily issue personal access codes to family, frequent guests or other trusted individuals.

For all your security needs, we have your smart solutions. Get a full report on your home or place of business in one glance or a few taps of a finger as our smart phone app, cameras, monitors and sensors communicate in real time to give you a live overlook of the places important to you. Pro Security & Automation has designed and installed comprehensive security systems at homes and businesses of all sizes. In one visit, our experts can evaluate your needs, hear your ideas and give personal recommendations for the sensors, smart locks and equipment right for you.

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