Whether you’re a business owner, enjoy binging your favorite movies and shows on multiple streaming services or love gaming, you know how important it is to have fast, strong and dependable Wi-Fi internet connectivity that works seamlessly with your smart technology — especially when you frequently add new devices.

Your internet service provider is only responsible for delivering their signal and speed to the basic router and modem they provide. Past that, it’s the responsibility of the home or businessowner to best distribute that data throughout the available space to important devices.

This may seem like a daunting task, but don’t worry — Pro Security & Automation is here to help!

Residential Network Solutions 

We can provide you with robust networking and Wi-Fi systems that will bring you impressive speed and reliability without causing frustration or confusion. From pre-wiring your home for a strong network foundation to creating Wi-Fi solutions with multiple access points in larger spaces, our team’s innovative solutions will ensure all digital aspects of your home run smoothly without interruption. 

Fast Wi-Fi Guarantee

With all-in-one network solutions from Pro Security & Automation in place, we guarantee your Wi-Fi will be strong throughout your home for a dependable connection and streaming without buffering.*

Ask our experts for a full review of your network’s hardware and we’ll show you how products and support from Pro Security & Automation can guarantee your strong connection.

*Actual data speeds may depend on your internet service provider.


Reliable internet is just the start of a connected home. Mobile devices, laptops, smart devices and tablets need Wi-Fi in order to function. However, too many devices on a network that’s not equipped to handle the load will result in slow speeds that render your devices useless. To get the most out of your tech, you need an efficient plan. Pro Security & Automation can create a strategic system of Wi-Fi access points throughout the inside and outside of your home that will deliver the consistent, strong wireless connection you need to use all your devices.


Digital communications and control rely on a functional home network. Whether your current network needs an upgrade or you’re starting from scratch in a new build, we can help you build a solid networking foundation that can withstand the demands of all your technology. Having a fast, secure network will not only give you the functionality and protection you need, but peace of mind knowing you’ll always be connected.

Commercial Network Solutions

In business settings where speed and reliability are important, it’s necessary to have strong networking and Wi-Fi systems that can handle your demands without causing frustration or confusion. No matter your industry or business size, reliable, secure networks with impressive speeds need to be properly set up by experienced professionals who understand the importance of keeping day-to-day business operations running. From pre-wiring a new commercial building to establishing a robust Wi-Fi system with multiple routers, Pro Security & Automation can design a system that ensures you’re always online and never behind.


From computers and mobile devices to smart devices and security systems, reliable internet is a must-have for any business so it can function. If your Wi-Fi system is not strong enough to handle the load of multiple users with multiple devices, your business productivity will slow down immensely. To get the most out of your technology, our team will conduct an on-site survey of your space and best determine how much coverage and how many access points you need throughout your building. Our setup will ensure you have the consistent, strong wireless connection you need to operate.


Nowadays, businesses cannot survive without consistent digital communication and control. A functional commercial network that can withstand the demands of your technology is necessary to stay productive and efficient. Whether your current system needs an upgrade or you’re relocating to a new commercial space that needs one, we can help you build the solid networking foundation you need. When you have a fast and secure network, you can have peace of mind knowing your most important business assets are protected and you will always be connected.

Ready to upgrade your smart network?

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