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Smart Home Technology for Your New Build: Five Must-Have Features to Make Your House a Home

The beauty of building your home from the ground-up is that you have complete control over… Everything. This is your opportunity to make your vision of a dream house a reality and ensure that every element, every feature, every last fixture and finishing, is conducive to the life that you want to live. Integrating smart home technology in a new build allows you to enjoy maximum convenience and comfort from Day 1.

What tech will be perfectly at home in your new home?

Integrating Smart Home Technology for Your New Build Is a … Smart Move

Why think about smart home technology when you’re building a new home? Can’t you just upgrade and add as you go? Of course; it’s entirely possible to retrofit any house. But planning for these features during the building process saves you untold time, costs, and – let’s face it – hassle. 

ProSecurity & Automation works direction with your home builder to provide smart home technology as a single package. The benefits:

  • Your smart home technology will be fully integrated with the construction of the home.
  • You enjoy all the bells and whistles without retrofitting, tearing into walls, dealing with exposed wires, or experiencing interruptions in service or functionality.
  • When you move in, everything from locks to lighting is ready for you, providing the ultimate in comfort, convenience, and security.
  • An integrated system works seamlessly and, if you choose to include more smart home features later on, they can be added easily.

The fewer disruptions you have to your daily life, the better! Planning from the start is a great way to enjoy the benefits of smart home technology without installation/onboarding woes.

5 Smart Home Features for a Smart New Build 

Where to start? The sky has become the limit when it comes to smart home technology. Consider starting with:

Smart Security

When it comes to smart home tech, there are a lot of flashy, fun options… But we recommend starting at the beginning: Security. Home should be a safe haven, and today’s solutions can ensure that that’s just what it is. Options include keyless entry, personalized access codes, real-time activity monitoring, high-def cameras, window and door sensors, video doorbells, automatic and customized lighting, and much more. 

Smart Cooling & Heating

Energy efficiency – and saving money – is always smart. Technology gives homeowners the opportunity to optimize their HVAC usage, maintain optimal temperatures, improve air quality, monitor appliances remotely, and stay on top of maintenance. All of this is simple and seamless, and with detailed usage reports, you can further enhance the comfort and efficiency of your home.

Smart Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of many homes; with smart technology, it becomes the brain as well. What if your smart fridge talked to your smart dishwasher, which looped in the range? From receiving cycle and maintenance/repair alerts to remote monitoring to grocery orders and perfectly timed and prepared foods, integrated technology can make the “mental load” of running a home much lighter.

Smart Cleaning

Finally, the technology we’ve been waiting for… Solutions that make cleaning a breeze! Smart appliances like washers/dryers already contribute, of course, but we can go further with smart vacuums and mops, air quality monitors, sensor trash cans, indoor dust removers, and even a litter robot (purrfect for homes with furry friends). Tackling chores won’t take up your entire day off!

Smart… Relaxation!

Safety, security, and sanitation are paramount – but so is the enjoyment you take in your home. This is, after all, where you will be making your most treasured memories. When thinking about smart home technology for your new build, don’t forget to consider you. For example, you can relax with high-quality, discreet whole-home audio systems, one-touch control for your home theater, app- or voice-activated controls, lighting scenes that are customized to your preferences and to the time of day, and take advantage of exceptional automation and connectivity.

Build Smart

Planning to integrate smart home technology in your new build is a strategic move that will empower you to enjoy all of the benefits these solutions have to offer – without worrying about retrofitting, upgrading, or exposed wires down the road! Yes, you can add and revamp should your needs change, but with a solid infrastructure in place, it’ll be easy going.

To discuss your smart goals, connect with Pro Security & Automation.