Having a smart home or business means having a fully connected space that is convenient, comfortable and safe — that you can control from anywhere! The safety and security provided by technology is reason enough to invest, but it’s the little things you never even considered possible that will change your life for the better. Instead of relying on multiple remotes and apps to control your smart devices, commercial and home automation control systems bring everything together under one state-of-the-art platform that is easy to use.

Home Automation Solutions

Picture this — when you hit your driveway, you tap a button on your phone that turns on the lights in your yard, opens your garage door and unlocks your front door. With home automation systems, all of that, and even more, is possible. You can schedule your lighting, change your window shade operations to suit the seasons and your mood, control locks, adjust your thermostat settings and play music throughout your space. Home automation installation will create a whole-home smart solution that works in harmony and makes your everyday life more convenient.

Commercial Automation Solutions

Improve your business productivity and overall operations with technology that works together through one control system. With just the press of a button you can arm or disarm your alarm system, control lighting throughout your building, change window shade operations and turn on your technology. We can create complete solutions that prepare specific conference rooms or executive offices for important meetings, or building-wide control systems that make everyone’s day-to-day working lives easier.

For all your commercial and residential home automation needs, we have your smart solutions. Pro Security & Automation can design and install the systems and devices you need. In one visit, our experts can evaluate your needs, hear your ideas and give personal recommendations for the IoT devices and equipment right for you.