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Integrating smart automated systems into your home is… well, a smart move. At Pro Security, we specialize in designing, installing, and maintaining solutions that make your life easier, more convenient, more efficient, and above all, safer and more secure 

How does our process work? 

Smart Home Automation and Security Solutions for Your Lifestyle  

Pro Security is with you every step of the way: 


What do you need? 

We begin with this fundamental question. What will give you the peace of mind you require, as well as the convenience and comfort you want? The array of features, options, bells, and whistles available in today’s smart security and automation systems is nothing short of staggering. You may have an idea, some must-haves, and a “wish list,” but determining which elements will empower you to accomplish your goals can be overwhelming. 

Smart, automated systems make your life easier; selecting a solution should be just as easy. Start with a smart home consultation. During this complimentary visit, Pro Security & Automation technicians not only assess your space but take the time to listen intensively to your needs. 

You can also use our helpful Smart Home Budget Planner to guide you through the process of selecting everything from surveillance and security options to AV and automation. We provide targeted recommendations based on your home’s layout and your household’s requirements. After you input your information (again, don’t worry, we guide you through it), you will receive a Smart Quote. This is an estimate of your project’s anticipated budget.  

From there, you can tweak elements to find the right fit. Pro Security can also provide a customized layout for your project (deposit fee required). We do not proceed until you are 100% satisfied with your project’s scale and scope. 

If you are building from the ground up, our team can be involved from the start. During initial design phases, we can provide input and ensure your system is customized for maximum convenience and efficiency. 


Let’s connect. Installation is a crucial part of the Pro Security process. Our technicians not only possess the mechanical and electrical know-how to install security, surveillance, network, and AV systems. They also excel in organization, communication, and customer service. Inviting someone into your home – whether it’s in the design/build or renovate/retrofit stage – is always a leap of faith. With Pro Security, though, it’s more of a gentle step than a big jump… we treat your home as if it is our own. 

We work seamlessly with your building team. If retrofitting, we strive to ensure a seamless experience, minimal intrusion, and end results that make your home safer, more comfortable, and more efficient. 

It’s all systems go. 


Now we make sure all systems continue to go full speed ahead. Every home automation and security solution requires routine maintenance to ensure it continues to perform optimally. An annual inspection will look at various aspects of the system, such as checking battery function and sensors, confirming that transmitted signals are received by monitoring centers, testing panic buttons, repairing any components that are faulty or worn, etc. 

We will also advise you as to steps you can take for self-maintenance, such as testing your smoke/CO detectors regularly, ensuring sensors are free of dust and debris, checking status updates, and keeping your app updated. Rest assured, though – Pro Security will handle the heavy, technical lifting and make sure your solution continues to solve – and prevent! – issues without missing a beat.  

Pro Security: Engineering Smarter Solutions 

Home means different things to different people – but we can all agree that it should be a safe haven and comfortable oasis in our chaotic world! Leave your stress at the door (and make sure it stays out). Contact Pro Security to schedule your smart home assessment or bring us in on your new build.