two women sitting in an outdoor living space equipped with smart home technology

Fads come and go as quickly as you can say “Pantone Color of the Year.” (Peach Fuzz, by the way.) But one of the most enduring trends in the residential arena is showcasing the exterior as an extension of your home. The lines are blurring as outdoor living areas deliver the flexibility, comfort, and convenience you expect from the rest of your space – and with help from some strategically-chosen tech, those lines are all but erased.

For anyone who loves to entertain, or to simply escape to their own backyard oasis, integrating outdoor smart home technology is… well, a smart move.

Integrating Outdoor Smart Home Technology for a Next-Level Experience

Ready to revolutionize your outdoor living space? Our top five smart home technology solutions are up for the task.

  1. The Sound of Sonance

What’s a garden party or backyard get-together without the right tunes? It’s ordinary! Elevate your experience with Sonance outdoor speakers. With solutions that are scalable to your needs, you can enjoy everything from your favorite song to the big game with pitch-perfect results. Discretion is the name of the game here; the Sonance Landscape Series, for example, offers perfect volume coverage and unbeatable sound thanks to satellite speakers and below-ground subwoofers. The quality is literally out of sight! Whether you want to equip your patio or your entire property, Sonance has the answer. 

  1. Patio Perfection

Imagine streaming your morning workout with a refreshing breeze wicking away the sweat. Or catching the Colts with friends and never being more than a few steps from the grill. An outdoor TV complements a variety of activities – and gives you yet more excuses to be outside. The Samsung Terrace is specially made to withstand the elements, while delivering stellar QLED 4K and Neo QLED 4k performance. With partial-shade and full-sun options, you’ll get a brilliant display even in brilliant sunshine. Rain or shine, hot or cold, live or streamed, fitness or football, get ready for a glare-free show on one of the highest rated outdoor televisions on the market. 

  1. Access: Granted

As an extension of your home, your outdoor living space may pull double duty as an office or a comfy spot to catch up on work and communications. Eero PoE 6 is a wifi access point that ensures you never miss a beat – and that you chip away at that to-do list. It extends wifi outdoors so you can stay connected on the patio or poolside. In less time than it takes to make a bowl of popcorn, you can be taking advantage of lightning fast speeds, uninterrupted coverage, and included security features. You can control everything – even guest and kid access – right from your phone. 

  1. Throwing Shade

Strategic shade is a critical component of an outdoor living experience. To ensure the ultimate in comfort, privacy, and convenience, we integrate Somfy with high quality Hunter Douglas shades. Somfy offers solutions for motorization and automation, making controlling your shades, blinds, and screens via remote or smartphone a breeze. Their Retractable Motorized Patio Screens, for example, sense increases in temperature and respond by lowering automatically to maintain optimal conditions. With motorized shades, pergolas, awnings, and more, Somfy is a smart way to enjoy the great outdoors.

Hunter Douglas is a top pick for enhanced experiences. Window treatments are multi-functional, preventing glare on screens, blocking harsh UV rays, protecting furnishings, maximizing privacy, and keeping your energy costs in check. Our team is happy to help you make the best decision for your goals.

  1. Let There Be Lutron

Lutron is the choice for luxe landscape lighting. Installing lighting is important for safety and security, and there is no doubt that confers with a number of aesthetic benefits. Lutron empowers you to show your property in its best light while: enhancing property security, delineating walkways, boosting safety around pools and other potential hazards, highlighting focal points, adding depth to your water features, and much more. As with the other products we’ve mentioned, Lutron makes it easy to control and automate your lighting via a simple app. 

Make the Most of Your Outdoor Living Space
Integrate outdoor smart home technology, and you’ll effectively extend your space while luxuriating in all the creature comforts of home. Pro Security & Automation will help you explore your options and create the outdoor living space you’ve always dreamt of – and that’s the envy of the neighborhood. Ready to get started? Contact our team.