bagi pro security partnership

According to real estate company RedFin, the real estate market in Indiana remains fairly competitive, despite the statistics across the United States. Home prices are up, and they’re often still selling within just weeks of being on the market. Those numbers are as true for new builds as they are for existing homes. Now more than ever, though, customers are looking for some essentials in a home that weren’t once on their wish list: home automation.  Pro Security and Automation specializes in meeting the needs of a variety of customers, both those shopping for a home in today’s hot Indiana real estate market and those who are already homeowners. With a dedication to the innovative technology that makes life easier today, we provide end-to-end solutions that meet the needs of our customers when it comes to home automation, security and surveillance, and more. Our connection with the Builders Association of Greater Indianapolis (BAGI), though, is what’s really helping us connect with homebuyers in the area who are helping the market move forward with some speed throughout the state.  

BAGI Helps Us Spread the Word About Home Automation 

While we work with many customers who are looking for the right solution in an existing home, the reality is that designing a SMART home from the moment the plans are in progress truly boosts the functionality of the space and helps to avoid future frustration. That’s why our partnership with BAGI is so important to us. We work to create homes that meet a homebuyer’s needs, and by partnering with BAGI, we help more people understand homebuilding standards when it comes to SMART technology and how to integrate that into home design from the start.  

BAGI connects us to more builders and remodelers throughout the greater Indianapolis area, helping them understand just how powerful this technology can be, why it’s such a big draw for consumers, and how to make it happen in their home building and remodeling design work.  

Partnering with BAGI is one of the most impactful things we do, which is why we’ve remained part of the organization since 2018. We have spent two years on the organization’s board and served on the fun committee, helping to plan and organize over a dozen events every year. Additionally, we work on their Impact Teams, spreading the word about the power of BAGI to others in the industry.  

The organization is so important to us that we took things to the next level by joining the Building Partners of Central Indiana, part of BAGI that works to provide members with a higher level of engagement. For us, it’s a chance to work with the best builders in Indianapolis. We donate more than a thousand hours of volunteer time and spend more than $20,000 to provide sponsorships and more to BAGI events and members. Our goal is to help people see what’s possible in the world of home automation, craftsmanship, and top-tier design in Central Indiana. Remaining an active member of BAGI allows us to do exactly that. 

A Commitment to Reaching More Customers 

As BAGI continues to evolve and expand its ability to work with more partners than ever, Pro Security and Automation does the same thing, supporting the home building industry by offering our services to those contractors who truly want to provide excellence in home building and remodeling, and that means a chance to connect with more customers than ever. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help enhance your home.