golf simulator

Play 18 holes at TPC Sawgrass from the comfort of your own home, and improve your game while doing it

Unsatisfied with a limited Hoosier golf season, some midwestern homeowners have turned to a smart home solution to improve their golf game from the comfort of their homes, rain or shine. Golf simulators, which have recently taken root at sports bars and training facilities, are now finding a foothold in residential markets as well. 

The setup is simple: a turf surface and projected screen pairs with motion trackers to trace your shot. With a swing of the club, sensors can track where the ball went, and a host of other statistics, like where on the club surface the ball hit, any deviations in the swing, and how quickly the ball moves through the air. 

At Pro Security & Automation, we specialize in bringing this high-tech luxury within reach. Our custom packages offer affordable pricing, starting at just $25K to $30K, making it an accessible addition to any home, whether in a finished basement or a converted garage bay.

But the benefits extend beyond golf. Our multi-sport software transforms your simulator into a versatile recreational space, catering to every family member’s interests. From racecar and flight simulations to shooting ranges and traditional sports like hockey and basketball, the possibilities are endless.

However, installation and maintenance are crucial considerations. Unlike out-of-state vendors, we have the expertise to ensure seamless integration and reliable performance. Don’t let poor installations ruin your experience. Trust the local experts at Pro Security & Automation to deliver exceptional service and support.

Ready to elevate your home entertainment? Contact us today to explore our range of solutions and start creating your ultimate indoor play haven.