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Pro Security & Automation believes in designing smarter solutions from the ground up. Whether you’re building a new home or increasing the security and functionality of one you’ve loved for years, we can integrate smart solutions and automated systems built with your family’s safety, convenience, comfort and enjoyment in mind. We keep up with technology trends and changes, and only partner with reliable companies so your smart solutions remain simple and never have to be re-integrated. One of the most essential features of your home or business is having a solid network and infrastructure — and we’re proud to provide only the best services to anyone, regardless of their needs.

Meet Our Team

ryan geltz

Ryan Geltz


Ryan Geltz started Pro Security & Automation in 2015 with the goal of providing homeowners and businesses with affordable smart technology solutions. Ryan’s history with the security and integration industry began while he was in college and working a summer internship selling security systems. His firsthand experience with security systems through his internship, along with the transition from hardwired security to wireless solutions and more affordable home automation systems, opened the door for Ryan to begin Pro Security & Automation. Ryan also serves as a Member of the Builders Association of Indianapolis’s (BAGI) Board of Directors, where he works closely with homebuilders to build smarter, safer homes for families within the Greater Indianapolis area.
adam murphy

Adam Murphy

Project Manager

jackson lee

Jackson Lee

Tech Manager

daniel vivanco

Daniel Vivanco

Purchasing/Warehouse Manager