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Commercial video surveillance systems have proven to be essential for the safety and productivity of businesses across the world. However, installing a standard video surveillance system is just the beginning. As technology has continued to advance, business owners now have the option to install commercial video surveillance systems that allow individuals to see and hear day-to-day operations throughout any size space while having easy access to stored data.

With commercial video installation, you can supervise all areas of your property, both inside and out, so you can keep your employees safe and secure your most important assets. Whether you’re thinking about installing a commercial camera system with audio or want to upgrade your current security cameras, there are plenty of business benefits that come with upgrading an outdated or inefficient system.

Theft Prevention

Placing surveillance cameras throughout your business deters criminal activities like theft, vandalism and break-ins. Whether you run a small business or a large corporation, you can have peace of mind knowing your security system is preventing both physical and intellectual property theft.

Convenient, Real-time Surveillance

Older security systems require a physical security team that monitors footage while on the premises. However, newer security solutions allow for remote monitoring in any location. If you’re away on vacation and worried about your employees in-office, you can check up on your space through an app on your mobile device or on your computer.

Potential Evidence

Unfortunately, even the most robust systems installed by the best video surveillance companies do not completely deter crime. If a crime occurs on your commercial property, or close to it, audio and video footage can help you identify potential culprits and act as criminal evidence if you decide to take legal action.

Harassment Prevention

Video recording and audio capabilities can work as a deterrent for employee harassment. Keeping a watchful eye on your employees will decrease the likelihood of a harassment situation from happening, but the audio and visual footage can also help catch a harasser and support any litigation.

Internal Dispute Resolution

Arguments and altercations among employees can happen in any size business. Sometimes, it can be difficult to understand what happened when hearing different stories from different people. However, security system footage can be used to better grasp the situation and resolve the problem.

Reduced Costs

Video recording devices and video cameras are becoming more and more affordable as technology improves over time. Additionally, the advancements of digital video allow for better monitoring at a fraction of the cost. Unlike traditional security methods that require physical workers to handle part of the work, smart security systems can be strategically placed throughout your space, saving money on hiring personnel.

High-risk Area Monitoring

If you have any high-risk or accident-prone areas in your space that require limited employee access, you can keep a watchful eye on them in real-time with a security system. If an accident or emergency was to occur, you would know right away.

Total Coverage

A well designed and planned system will protect your business in its entirety with 100% coverage. Modern day systems are advanced enough to handle the work of security guards, lessening the risk of human error and other common business security mistakes.

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