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Pro Security & Automation believes in designing smarter solutions from the ground up. Whether you’re building a new home or increasing the security and functionality of one you’ve loved for years, we can integrate smart solutions and automated systems built with your family’s safety, convenience, comfort and enjoyment in mind. During a complimentary smart home assessment, our technicians can design a state-of-the-art surveillance, monitoring and automation suite customized for your home’s layout and tailored to your family’s needs.

Pro Security & Automation Proudly Featured in 2021 Indy Rama

Take an interactive walk around this home and learn more about how Pro Security & Automation can make your home more secure, automated and connected.

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We’re passionate about ensuring our clients have top-of-the-line products that reflect the latest developments in smart security and automation. Read on to learn more about trends and technology you can implement.

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8 Ways a Video Surveillance System Can Benefit Your Business

Commercial video surveillance systems have proven to be essential for the safety and productivity of businesses across the world. However, installing a standard video surveillance system is just the beginning.

Engineering Smarter Solutions | Pro Security & Automation

Engineering Smarter Solutions with Pro Security & Automation

Pro Security & Automation is here to help with every aspect of your smart home or business.

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Pro Security and Automation Makes Having a Smart Home Simple

Looking to turn your house into a smart home? Pro Security and Automation makes it easy!