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Pro Security & Automation believes in designing smarter solutions from the ground up. Whether you’re building a new home or increasing the security and functionality of one you’ve loved for years, we can integrate smart solutions and automated systems built with your family’s safety, convenience, comfort and enjoyment in mind. During a complimentary smart home assessment, our technicians can design a state-of-the-art surveillance, monitoring and automation suite customized for your home’s layout and tailored to your family’s needs.

Pro Security & Automation Proudly Featured in 2021 Indy Rama

Take an interactive walk around this home and learn more about how Pro Security & Automation can make your home more secure, automated and connected.

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We’re passionate about ensuring our clients have top-of-the-line products that reflect the latest developments in smart security and automation. Read on to learn more about trends and technology you can implement.

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Smart Home Technology for Your New Build

Smart Home Technology for Your New Build: Five Must-Have Features to Make Your House a Home The beauty of building your home from the ground-up is that you have complete control over… Everything. This is your opportunity to make your vision of a dream house a reality and ensure that every element, every feature, every

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Outdoor Smart Home Technology: 5 Solutions for Elevated Outdoor Living

For anyone who loves to entertain, or to simply escape to their own backyard oasis, integrating outdoor smart home technology is… well, a smart move.

Keyless Entry Smart Home Integration For Indyrama 2024

Pro Security Brings Top Quality Tech to Downtown Indy

Pro Security Has Partnered with Two IndyRama Builders to Bring Top Quality Tech to Properties in Downtown Indy Starting Friday, April 19, IndyRama is opening six showhomes from top-notch local builders to the public. In coordination with Integra Builders and Compendium Group, Pro Security & Automation brought full smart-home integration to two unique downtown IndyRama